Happy day for being the heroes of Education in PAK. Thanks for the commitment, dedication and because every day they inspire so that our students are connected with the transformation of their lives.

happy teachers day 2019

happy teachers day 2019


The teachers are a key element not only for the educational system of any society but for society itself, as they are today students tomorrow will be the adults who will be part and will shape the society and the world in which we live.

We greet with special affection all the teachers of our country, for having celebrated on the 5th of October the Teacher’s Day.

THE BEST TEACHERS DAY PHRASES IN PAKISTAN [Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Gujranwala]

Happy Teacher’s Day in Pakistan [Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawer]! for all those people who have the vocation to teach what future generations like.

At some point in your life, you saw a teacher/master, several teachers go through life to teach us some very interesting things to take as tools and then use them.


Learning is something that many students have the right to grow as individuals in a society that is increasingly important for learning and training.


That is why everything depends on how you teach by understanding through friendship, love, and dedication the subject as the content you want to convey.


Therefore, as a tribute to other professions that can be considered work or vocations depending on who exercises it is celebrated annually by paying homage to each teacher with a gift or attention to him/her for everything he/she offers to the class.

It is as if it were the birthday of each teacher and teacher of the school but at different scales of celebration.

In this article, you will get the best teachers day in Pakistan quotes, images, phrases, SMS & sayings with beautiful illustrations and drawings that convey emotions related to education.

You can also add words, famous phrases or congratulations that seem to you according to this moment for that virtual card that you want to send or print to give along with a dedication.


Happy Teacher’s Day! for those who do not know more than you but for those who have the patience and dedication to explain reasoning with the other’s times.


Thank you for giving me your time, thank you, teacher, for offering me your talent and worry that my future may be bright and highlight me.

The chalkboard and the chalk, the apple and the books all remind me of my teacher who taught me so many good times.

Happy teacher’s day in Pakistan 2019 to those teachers who leave their mark when teaching their knowledge to other people.


Happy Master day in Pakistan 2019 for your patience and your teaching in school and for solving every doubt you had from the lesson.


Each teacher has to learn to leave a mark on the student.


Happy day teacher and for those teachers who enjoy teaching.


The phrase to share a dedication of happy day of the teacher.


The complicity of the student and his teacher is a link like the one that exists from the apple with the worm.


Master thank you for your beautiful work that God bless your happy day.


Happy day to my English teacher and my math teacher who were the most expensive subjects.


Finding the perfect teacher is the one who calls you on the phone to talk about your son.


Thank you for so much vocation, passion, and love that you give to our children every day.


The ideal teacher is one who inspires confidence and helps you to raise, teach and educate your children.


No matter how old your children are, you always want the teacher who touches you to be the best and most dedicated.


A teacher works for eternity and will never know how far his influence will go.


The noblest object that man can occupy is to enlighten his fellowmen.


The one who teaches with love and dedication to his students then is the best teacher.


The true heroes have no cloak, they teach. Happy day to the best teachers in Pakistan.


The teacher’s day is celebrated in different countries and on different dates depending on the history that each country has.

On that date mainly what is done is to honor the teacher through a party or celebration, as well as an act at school to show the happiness of having such professionals who are dedicated to teaching students.


Teachers are so important in a society because it prepares future citizens to be able to think, reflect and understand how to deal with different facts or problems that may occur.


These were just some of the countries that asked me to know when it is the day of the teacher but now I will detail some other countries that I was left so that any reader who enters and wants to know your date has it:

Pakistan celebrates teachers day on 5th OCTOBER.


A teacher is a person who has a teaching vocation to the neighbor who educates and teaches no matter the subject or discipline that dictates but what is important is to understand through the reasoning of the student what is explained.


This individual who teaches has different capacities to be able to make understand the lesson that is tried to inculcate so that it serves as a tool for the student and can apply it to the daily life or to specific questions.


It is considered that the education professional, called an educator, must have a vocation for what he does besides taking it as a job since he invests part of his life so that others can learn and understand.


They are a fundamental part of society to prepare future generations.

Without a quality education, there is no positive future for society.

Teachers are the pillars of a cultured and developing society.




Depending on each country the teacher’s day is celebrated for different issues.

In some countries, as explained above, it is for religious reasons and for saints, another is for the people who gave their lives for the educational change of a country and a society.


Another reason is simply to set a date to celebrate and honor all the educators that have people that thanks to them you can learn and progress in life.


The important thing that a tribute is paid to him and that is why he is given attention by the students a gift thanking in addition to carrying out his work, patience, and dedication so that other generations can learn.


On this special date if on a school day there are usually no classes and you are given a day to rest, so you have to give the gift one day before to pay homage.


Everything depends on the degree of confidence you have with the teacher or teacher and also how well you want to consider, I do not say that it influences the final result but it is good to have a good link.


The gifts are more prominent generally in the first years of education where parents influence more in the relationships of their children with educators.


You can join several parents to buy a gift as clothing to wear, fashion accessories and issues that the educator then if he wants to change in the store can do it.


On the other hand, when the student has a direct relationship with the teacher and he no longer counts as much, the figure of the parents are gifting more for attention than for costly ones.


But never forget to pay tribute to your teacher I will thank you and you will feel good to that person to remind him that not only is his job a job but he is also like the second educational authority of your life, at least in the first years from college.


Teaching is the greatest of all arts, for its medium is the mind and it is the human spirit John Steinbeck-


To teach is to leave a mark in the life of a person  -Anonymous


A teacher is not the one who only teaches something, but the one who inspires the student to give their best to discover a knowledge that already has inside their soul -Paulo Coelho


The art of teaching is the art of helping to discover -Anonymous


What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches  -Karl Menninger


Most of us do not have more than five or six people who will remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives -Andy Rooney


Education generates confidence. Trust generates hope. Hope generates peace -Confucio


The life of a person is definitely influenced by the knowledge he has acquired from his teacher or teacher. They are, together with our parents, who play a unique and fundamental role in our development, in all aspects of our personality.


We have always had great teachers during our student life, they have unselfishly imparted their knowledge and left their mark on our hearts. They deserve beautiful sentences of congratulations on the day of the teacher, here we leave some to congratulate your teacher.

My gratitude is eternal, for forming firm foundations in knowledge and learning, useful tools for the way of life. Happy Teacher’s Day!


Thank you for letting us learn from you as a teacher and thank you for letting you learn from us, it is amazing your patience and dedication to teaching us to be great people. Congratulations dear teacher, we appreciate you very much!


Teachers not only deserve to be congratulated for the teachings they teach but for the principles and values ​​with which they train their students. Thank you very much teachers for your contribution to the personal formation of us … your students. Congratulations!


Dear daughter, I congratulate you for your vocation of service in teaching and I praise your commitment to transmit your knowledge with love to your students. Happy Teacher’s Day!


To whom he has contributed to my training, he has dedicated time to learn and has made it possible for me to take great steps to increase my knowledge. To you, dear teacher, I wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day!


Thank you, teachers, for your motivation and inspiration, they have been willing to teach us to find the value of learning, enjoy it and apply it to be great entrepreneurs. Congratulations on your day!


You are a demanding, disciplined and passionate teacher, I congratulate your effort and honest work towards the enrichment of wisdom that you impart to your students. Thank you for your noble and important work. Happy Teacher’s Day!

From small we learn the value of being responsible thanks to the teachers. I congratulate all the teachers who, with their contribution to education, form leaders for the future of a country. Congratulations teachers in your day!


We know that their work is hard but their vocation of service is noble, they deserve our respect and gratitude. Congratulations to all teachers in their day!


To be a teacher is to be creative and passionate about your profession, I am happy that you have the talent in your blood and that you transmit to the students that enriching attitude for their future. I congratulate your son for being a great teacher.


I thank you, teacher, for your effort, time and dedication because you have been aware of my learning during my illness. Thank you very much and I wish you a Happy Teacher’s Day IN PAKISTAN 2019!


Happy Teacher’s Day in Pakistan!!! A teacher is not only one who prepares academically to teach in a classroom, is one who teaches in such a way that marks the lives of their students.


That all the teachers have a nice day !!! Thanks for your support and patience …


We wish all the teachers a beautiful day !!!


Happy Teacher’s Day 2019!!!


A teacher is one that what first teaches is to love the profession, to have ethics, and passion to develop and live life … nice day to all teachers!


Happy day to all teachers!!! Teachers have eyes to see wonderful works of their students, an intelligent mind to think and know how to help each child, ears to hear all the stories of children, hands to hold, help and embrace …


Teaching should not be like filling a bottle of water, but rather helping to grow a flower in its own way … May all teachers have a beautiful day !!!


May God bless all the teachers in his day !!!


To teach is to write in the heart of a child !!!


You will teach to fly but your flight will not fly, you will teach to dream but they will not dream your dream, you will teach to live but they will not live your life, but you will know that every time they fly, think, dream, sing, live, the seed of the road will be taught and learned … Happy day to the teachers !!!


Happy teacher’s day !!! Thanks for the lessons … Thanks for the patience … Thanks for the love …


May all the teachers have a wonderful day


Happy day of the teacher to all who love this profession


Thanks to all those people who dedicate their lives to try to make us better and better …


To educate is to help in the harmonious and happy creation of a person, and when one lives this way, the satisfaction of parents and teachers is the same as that of the artist in front of his work of art … Happy day of the teacher !!!


To educate is to help in the harmonious and happy creation of a person. That’s why we wish the teachers happy day !!


Happy Teacher’s Day!!!


He who knows best is not a better teacher, but he who teaches with dedication and love to his students …


Thanks to all those people who dedicate their lives to try to make us better and better people … Happy day of the teacher !!!


Thanks to all those people who dedicate their lives to teaching …


A good teacher never forgets and his teaching lasts for a lifetime …


A good teacher never forgets and his teaching lasts a lifetime … Happy day of the teacher !!!


Happy day teachers, because their commitment to today’s generations creates a more sustainable world for the generations of tomorrow …


I am what I am thanks to my teacher …


Thank you for being a good teacher, for taking the time to give your best.

Happy Teacher’s Day in Pakistan: 20 Reasons to Feel Proud

I’m Proud to Be a Teacher because …

  1. Without the teachers, no other profession would exist
  2. It is the only profession that can change the world completely
  3. I will mark the future of hundreds (or thousands) of young people
  4. I have the opportunity to improve the deficiencies of the educational process
  5. I can correct what they did not do well with me at the time
  6. I can see my students grow and develop
  7. I can help my students overcome difficulties and improve
  8. I learn with each one of my students
  9. Genius critical attitude
  10. Generous awareness of the inequalities that exist in the world
  11. I have the satisfaction of giving everything in each class
  12. I sow the seed of curiosity to learn
  13. I contribute to the modernization of education
  14. I have a special interaction with each of your students
  15. I train exemplary citizens and workers
  16. Potentiate the abilities of the students
  17. It makes me feel young
  18. I work with the most powerful resource that exists, the human mind.
  19. I help students with problems to be part of the rest
  20. I am lucky to have the gratitude and gratitude of my students.


Happy Teachers day 2019 Pakistan

A good teacher never forgets and his teaching lasts a lifetime …

Happy Teachers day 2019 Pakistan

Happy Teachers day 2019

Very happy day to all teachers

Very happy day to all teachers 2019 in Pakistan

happy teachers day pakistan 2019

Great teachers motivate, inspire and change the world.

happy teachers day pakistan 2019

Congratulations to the teachers

happy teachers day pakistan 2019

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

happy teachers day Pakistan LHR KHI

Today is an excellent day to regain your efforts

happy teachers day pakistan 2019

Very Happy Teacher’s Day 2019 IN PAKISTAN

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We have teachers who have marked us in one way or another, either because they cared for us, or because they helped us learn because they taught us many of the things we know or for any other reason.


If you have a teacher and/or special teacher so do not hesitate to dedicate some phrases for the day of the teacher, as surely they will thank you. In many cases, teachers prefer to be recognized for their work rather than having a bulky salary.


Thanks for helping me, understanding me and especially teaching me 🙂 Happy day for you!

Quotes & Phrases

  • I have found support, friendship, discipline, and love. All in one person. And that person is you, my dear professor. Happy day!
  • For your patience and affection, for your kind words and good times, I just want to tell you. Thank you very much, My Dear Master!
  • You guided me when I was lost; He gave me support when I felt weak; You have illuminated my path … Thanks for everything, Dear Professor!
  • Every dream begins with a teacher who believes in us, who pushes us and encourages us to move forward; sometimes hitting us with a hard tablet called “truth”. Happy day, dear teacher!
  • To be a teacher is to help others to achieve knowledge and always be at the students’ side when they are in trouble. Thanks for being my Teacher. Happy Teacher’s Day 2019 Pakistan.
  • Each time he arrived at the hall, you were already there to guide us through the right path. On this special day, I just want to tell you that I am very lucky to have a teacher like you.
  • “Thank you” is a small word, but among its letters, a very special feeling is hidden for you. Thank you for your time, your hard work and for all the values ​​you taught us. Thank you very much for everything you did for us. You were more than a simple teacher. You were someone very special in our lives. Have a great day, Dear teacher!
  • Since my first day of school until today has spent so much time, however his teachings, his guidance, and his support accompany me every day. Thanks to you I feel ready for the challenges I have to face tomorrow. Thank you very much for your teachings, Dear Professor!
  • Teachers play a very important role in the formation and orientation of each student and teachers like you, always leave positive teaching in the hearts of their students … Thank you, Dear Teacher! I will never forget his teachings and the advice he gave me, I keep them in a very precious corner of my heart. Happy day!

“If you have an opportunity to show mercy, do not even let a teacher pass.”

“The teacher said:“ My job seems hopeless. I have not yet met a man who, knowing about his mistakes, would admit his guilt to himself.”

“Standing on the bank of the river, the Teacher said:“ Everything leaves, like these waters, every day and every night. ”

“Teachers, to whom children are obliged by upbringing, are more respectable than parents, to whom children are obliged only by birth: some give us only life, and others give us a good life.”

“There is nothing to learn at school. The teachers are stupid. It is impossible for women to work as teachers. In my school, only a physical education teacher was not stupid – he played chess well. “

“No one is your friend, no one is your enemy, but every man is a teacher to you.”

“In tolerance, the enemy is the best teacher.”

“The school seemed like a prison to me, I rebelled against the cop teachers.”

“The one who correctly points out my mistakes is my teacher; the one who correctly notes my faithful deeds is my friend; the one who flatters me is my enemy. “

A teacher of literature checked the writings of children, and sobbed. Now she knew how to spend the summer, but the years are not the same.

No one so zealously teaches others life as the one whom she has never taught.


  • There are no words with which I can thank you for having achieved, with your dedication and love, that learning is something interesting and fun. In his classes I found my way in life and thanks to his teachings, I was able to achieve it successfully. Happy Day, Dear Master 2019 Pakistan!
  • “There are two types of education, the one that teaches you to earn your living and the one that teaches you to live.” (Anthony de Mello)
  • “When people are so numerous, what can be done for their good? Make it rich and happy. And when he is rich, what else can be done for him? Educate him. ” (Confucius)
  • Only by education can man become a man. Man is nothing more than what education makes of him. ” (Kant)
  • You have been more than a teacher, a good friend, a guide, an inspiration. His advice helped me find my own way. Have a very Happy Teacher’s Day Pakistan 2019 Lahore, Kasur, Faisalabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Islamabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Questa, [Pubjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan]
  • Teacher. Thank you for teaching me, thank you for trusting me and especially thank you for helping me grow. Congratulations to you: $
  • I have always been told that experience is the best teacher, but having you as a teacher has been the best experience of all. Happy Day, Dear Professor 2019!
  • Dear teacher, between lesson and lesson you taught us to see our qualities and to observe our defects, to polish them day by day. He sowed in our soul the desire to know more and in our hearts the desire to be better. There are not enough words to thank him for all his teachings! Have a great time on this day!
  • Dear teacher, you taught us to love books, we discovered the mysteries that hid between numbers; Dear teacher, you taught us to persevere and fight to achieve our dreams. On this day I just want to say THANK YOU !!! for having guided me on the path of good.
  • Wishing you happiness and happiness, you are an incredible teacher and for that, you deserve the best today and always. Congratulations
  • I am honored to be one of the people who is lucky enough to have a teacher like you. Happy day for you!
  • The best teacher is not the one who knows the most, but the one who teaches with love and dedication to the path of life. Thank you!
  • The best teachers do not give you the answer, they provoke in you the desire to find the answer for yourself. Happy day.
  • The teaching that leaves its mark is not the one made head to head, but from the heart to heart. Happy Teacher’s Day 2019 Pakistan.
  • Happy day, dear teachers! Today is a good time to remember and value the sacrifice that each one of you makes to become good people. A warm greeting for your work and for the passion you put into teaching us, every day.
  • For the world, you can be just a teacher, but for me, you are simply the best. Congratulations to you dear professor
  • Each word of you is a word of teachings and wisdom for us. Because you are the best and you always will be. Happy day Professor
  • I am grateful that you have given 110% to learn because teaching is never easy, but somehow you make everything more fun, exciting and easy to learn. Happy Teachers Day 2019 Pakistan.
  • Dear Professor, You always guided us on the right path. Every small triumph that we obtain is, in good part, thanks to the effort and dedication that he put into his teachings. Thank you very much for being our guide and mentor!
  • There are two classes of teachers: those who pressure us so much that we can not move and those who give us a little push to encourage us to fly. I’m glad to tell you that you were the second. Have a happy day, dear teacher.

Questions For Teachers On Teacher’s Day 2019

  • Is it true that today children have learned to write correctly?
  • What do teachers actually do in the staff room?
  • How do you cope with your dislikes and likes in the classroom?
  • How to behave a young teacher, if he recognizes the love of a pupil / high school student?
  • What would you like to change in your teaching methods or approach to schooling?
  • Is it easy to be a teacher, what difficulties of this profession are the most difficult to transfer?
  • What prompted you to become a teacher?
  • What do you like most about the school, and what do you hate the most?
  • If you had to choose a new profession again, would you agree to become a teacher?
  • Did you have a moment when you wanted to quit your job?
  • What is the stupidest or strangest question a student asked you?
  • What’s the worst thing about the current education system?
  • What historical character would be the most boring when meeting in real life?
  • When did you get the idea of ​​becoming a teacher?
  • Which teachers influenced your whole future life?
  • What are the key factors (features) that helped you become a good teacher?
  • What is the most important advice you want to give the parents of a child at primary school?
  • What do you know about your students?
  • If you had the opportunity to get something from the Minister of Education, what would it be?
  • Do teachers have other holidays besides school holidays?
  • What is the most aggressive age of students?
  • If you had to become a student at our school, who would be your favorite teacher?
  • Is there something that you would like to teach students, but you can’t do it?
  • What is the most curious, shameful thing that happened to you during the lessons?
  • Do you think that your profession affects the upbringing of your own children?
  • What was the worst thing you had when working with the students’ parents?
  • What are the signs that students are manipulating you?
  • What training error did you make most of all?
  • Do you have school favorites?
  • For the sake of revenge, you can underestimate the assessment of the student in the exams?
  • Who is the most popular hero of our school?

Funny Questions For Teachers On Teacher’s Day 2019

A girl in a physics lesson: “If there is a speed of light, then what is the speed of darkness? 

Why do meteorites always land in craters? 

If according to the teacher the mathematics is so simple, then why does the mathematics have so many problems with the students? 

How do you punish your family members (children, marriage partner) when they behave badly? Do you put them out the door, put a bad mark or call parents for a conversation?

Why do teachers ask students questions (why, why, how much), they, that they themselves do not know the answer?