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Quotes about teachers, proverbs, and aphorisms about teachers

These wise statements about teachers and the teaching profession are ideal for congratulations on “Teacher’s Day.”


Every year, on October 5, the classes of all educational institutions are filled with greeting cards, sweets, flowers and presentations with which students show students what teachers mean for them, from elementary classes to university professors.


This is confirmed by the statements of great, famous people about the people of this profession and the role they play in our lives.

Quotes about great teachers 2019 in Pakistan

Instead of responding directly to students, let’s teach them to look for information and find answers on their own. Marianna Stenger


The most important thing that, in my opinion, teachers can do for young people is to help them not to be afraid to ask. So that they know how to collect and verify information from a variety of sources. David Puttnam



When teachers began to recognize me, praise my progress in science, it prompted me to strive to be even better and smarter in scientific achievements. Steve Wozniak


The task of the teacher is to cultivate in students the desire to learn, as well as to be able to challenge oneself. But the most important thing is to help them, to feel the responsibility for their own learning, making it clear that each of the students is very important to him. Alexander Muller


There are two types of teachers: one who fills you with so much knowledge that it is difficult for you to contain them. And the one who will give you a little knowledge, but thanks to which you will feel that you are floating in the sky. Robert Frost


If you are teaching today what you learned five years ago, then either the subject is dead or you are dead. Noam


A good teacher is able to assess the quality of their students. If he finds at least one good quality, he will grow a whole bunch of wonderful qualities out of him. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


The best teacher is the one who offers and does not engage in dogmatism. The one who inspires the student to the desire to engage in self-education in addition to basic study. Bulwer-Lytton


Good teachers do more than they talk about facts and figures. They inspire, inspiring students a true desire to learn. Sonny Purdue


The most beautiful things in the formation of a child are his “mistakes.” The more a child makes them in the process of growing up, the more remarkable. But the more the teacher tries to eradicate them in the child, the more boring, deeper and impersonal that becomes. Franz Cizek


Anyone who remembers their education remembers teachers, not methods or ways of teaching them. The teacher is the heart of the education system. Sidney Hook


Teachers are the greatest public servants. They spend their lives raising young people, thereby shaping the future of the nation. Solomon Ortiz


A really good teacher is a very wise person who is able to discern his future in the eyes of every child. (Unknown)


I like the teacher who is able to inspire you so much that even at home, in addition to homework, you continue to think about him. Lily Tomlin


The teacher is the one who gets the most out of lessons, and the true teacher of the one who always considers himself a student. Elbert Hubbard


Good teachers agree that they know little. The bad ones think they have more knowledge than they actually know. J. Verdi


Real teachers highlight the path to achievement, believing that the best way to predict a child’s future is to help him create it. Robert John Meehan

Short quotes about teachers on teachers day 2019 Pakistan

A really good teacher is a very wise person who is able to discern his future in the eyes of every child. (Unknown)


A good teacher teaches in such a way that gradually the student no longer needs him. Tommy Carruthers


The teacher’s job is to teach the students to see the life force in themselves. Joseph Campbell


The most effective teachers are those who in practice embody what they teach. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi


There is no more noble and valuable occupation than a person who educates the younger generation. Cicero


Togo who teaches us everything that we did not know before, of course, should be respected as a master. Samuel johnson


A good teacher is able to turn the offender into a decent citizen. (Unknown)


The task of the teacher – to take a bunch of evidence and make sure that they are justified. George Martin


A teacher who loves to learn is gaining the right and ability to teach others. Ruth Belichick


A good teacher is not one who considers himself too clever, but one who considers himself capable of learning something from his students. (Unknown)


The teacher is the only profession in which you steal things from home and bring them to work. (Unknown)

Aphorisms About Teachers 2019

  • Great teachers surpass ideology.
  • Modern teachers are heroes in every class.
  • Great teachers are real students.
  • A good teacher is both a simplification master and his enemy.
  • Teachers are ordinary people who can do unusual things.
  • The teacher takes the hand, opens the mind and touches the heart.
  • Written by the teacher on the blackboard of life will never be erased.

Proverbs About Teachers 2019

  • Our first teacher is our own heart.
  • The teachers open the door, but you have to go through it yourself.
  • Reading books does not equal one good teacher.
  • A teacher is a person who plows with his tongue to fill his little bowl with cheap rice.
  • The world is a wonderful teacher, but he charges a huge fee.
  • If the student is smart, his teacher gets credibility.
  • A good teacher is someone who loves to constantly learn.
  • A good teacher is one who teaches you how to learn.
  • Never become a teacher where you yourself are a student.
  • Roses grow where the teacher is not afraid to learn.


How important, great and holy is the dignity of the educator: in his hands the fate of a man’s whole life. A pupil will never surpass a teacher if he sees in him a model, not an opponent. (Vissarion G. Belinsky)

Teachers are given the word not to put their thoughts to sleep, but to wake someone else’s. (Vasily Osipovich Klyuchevsky)

All the pride of the teacher in the students in the growth of seeds sown by him. (Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev)

Some believe that the teacher is robbing his students. Others – that students rob teachers. I think that both are right, and participation in this mutual robbery is wonderful. (Lev Davidovich Landau)

In order to educate the other, we must first educate ourselves. (Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol)

The teacher himself must be what he wants to make a pupil. (Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl)

For the teacher, perhaps the most important thing is not to take himself seriously, to understand that he can teach very little. (Valentin G. Rasputin)

The real teacher is not the one who constantly educates you, but the one who helps you to become yourself. (Mikhail Svetlov)

The teacher, if he is honest, should always be an attentive student. (Maksim Gorky)

The teacher is not the one who teaches something, but the one who helps reveal to his student what he already knows. (Paulo Coelho)

Knowledge, like heaven, belongs to all. No teacher has the right to conceal them from anyone who asks for them. Teaching is the art of giving. (Abraham Joshua Heschel)

Your teacher is not the one who teaches you, but the one from whom you learn. (Richard Bach)

Everything that needs to be known, cannot be taught, a teacher can only do one thing – point the way. (Richard Aldington)

It takes more intelligence to train another than to learn it yourself. (Michel de Montaigne)

To teach is to learn double. Children need not teachings, but examples. (Joseph Joubert)

If you wash the cat, they say, she will no longer wash herself. A man will never learn what he is taught. (George Bernard Shaw)

What teachers have digested, the students feed on them. (Karl Kraus)

You learn faster and better when you teach others. (German revolutionary Rosa Luxemburg)

The greatest joy for a teacher is when they praise his student. (English poet and novelist Charlotte Bronte)

Education is the knowledge that we get from books and about which no one else will know, except for our teacher. (Virginia Hudson)

Teachers, to whom children owe upbringing, are more respectable than parents: some give us only life, and others give us a good life. (Aristotle)

Who has not been in the disciples, he will not be a teacher. (French philosopher of the 13th century. Boethius Dacia)

The one who comprehends the new, cherishing the old, can be a teacher. (Confucius)

That teacher is good, whose words do not disagree with the case. (Cato the Elder)

It is necessary to trust those who teach more, and not those who order. (St. Augustine)

A mediocre teacher sets out. A good teacher explains. Outstanding teacher shows. Great teacher is inspiring. (William Ward)

The teacher is the person who has to pass on all the valuable accumulations of the ages to the new generation and not pass on the prejudices, defects and diseases. (Anatoly Lunacharsky)

The advantages and disadvantages are rooted in the school, and the keys to well-being are with the teachers. (Ruhollah Mousavi Khomeini)

School teachers have the power that prime ministers can only dream of. (Winston Churchill)

What Did The Teachers Themselves Say About Their Profession?

They were given an excellent position, above which nothing could be under this sun.

Imagine a teacher without humor and realize that he will not last long, and if he does, then, unfortunately, his legs. (Alexander Ryzhikov – mathematics teacher, winner of the All-Russian competition “Teacher of the Year-2009”)

A teacher who does not begin by waking a student to learn, forges cold iron. (Horace Mann)

The teacher should refer not so much to the memory of the students, but to their mind, to seek understanding, and not one memorization. (Fedor Ivanovich Jankovic de Marievo)

The role of the teacher is to open the doors, and not to push the student into them. (Arthur Schnabel)

Ironic, Humorous, Sarcastic Aphorisms

A good teacher can teach others even what he cannot do. (Tadeusz Kotarbinsky)

From the lessons of some teachers, we extract only the ability to sit upright. (Vladislav Katazhinsky)

The one who teaches himself, the teacher is a fool. (English proverb)

Pupils remember nothing so well as the mistakes of their teachers. (Anton Ligov)

According to teachers, eggs do not teach eggs, according to students, chicken is not a bird. (Alexander Botvinnikov)

The teacher’s profession provides a lifetime guarantee against kidnapping for ransom. (Stanislav Mozarsky)

The school is a place where teachers require students to learn all subjects, while they themselves know one by one.

Judging by the salary of the teachers, our government consists of vengeful losers.


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