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Today is a very special date, it is Teacher’s Day [5th OCT 2019]. Many teachers in all study centers are honored on this day by their students in various ways.


Remember that they have always held out their hands and taught us everything necessary for life. Some of them are so good that they end up becoming friends, so we can not stop dedicating some nice words to them on this day.


For this reason, we have for you this time some beautiful phrases for the teachers that you can use to pay homage to your Masters today. Take a look and choose the one you like the most.


“Teacher, thank you because, like my parents, he always supported me and cared for me to get ahead.


Words will never reach me to thank you and to recognize the great Teacher that you are. May God always take care of you and fill your life with many successes Congratulations on your day! ” 


“Never in my life have I returned to have a Master as great as you, dear Master. He was always very dedicated and patient with me, he taught with affection and gave more than what was asked of him.


On days like this, Teachers like you are the ones who deserve a celebration and tribute. Happy Teacher Day 2019! ” 


“Together with my Father, he became a model to follow, in a person I admire and from whom I would like to continue learning more and more.


Not only did he give me academic knowledge, but he also instilled values ​​in me and gave me good advice that has never ceased to be useful to me. Thank you very much for everything, Teachers DAY 2019! ” 


“Once I thought that there was no remedy, that the study was not for me, but thanks to you I came to my senses and discovered that I just had to be very willing to move forward.

I will always be grateful to him because he helped me find my destiny. Happy day, Teacher.”

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“Many times I thought that friends were only for fun and could only have an age close to mine, that was until I met him and I realized that a friend also imparts knowledge and that the older he is, the more experience he can share. Thanks, teacher. Long live a good Teacher’s Day  2019”


“I still remember all the attention calls he gave me as a child, although I was upset with you now I realize that I could not be more grateful for all of them.


It was thanks to his hard hand with me that I grew up following the path of righteousness and so I could achieve many victories in my life.


It has really been very good for my life to have met him, I hope that many more like me have the joy of knowing him. Happy Teacher Day 2019


“It is good to find a Teacher who not only treats you as any student but also as a friend.


We wish him the best today and forever, dear Teacher because without his teachings or his friendship we would not have come so far in our lives. Happy day dear Teacher! ”


“There are teachers of all kinds, I am glad that you are not one of those who are only with their students until the end of class and then leave, but always stays to listen and support us.

We are very lucky to have him in our lives and that is why we want to tell him that he is the best Teacher of all time. May he live a happy day today and forever! ”

With these phrases you will draw many smiles on the faces of the Masters to whom you dedicate them, so do not forget to send them on this great day.



Nice Congratulations For Teacher’s Day 2019 [5 October 2019]

On Teacher’s Day, there are many special things that can be done for those great people who dedicated much of their lives to teaching everything they knew to their students.


Not only have they shared their knowledge about science and letters, but also their experiences on how to face many situations in life and they have also distributed wise advice that strengthens the spirit and guides their students on the right path.


For all this and for the many things a Master does, he deserves some beautiful words of thanks and congratulations today on his special day.


This time we have for you some phrases that you can write on a card to send to your Master. Check them out, surely more than one will please you.


“It’s easy to realize that he chose the profession for which he has a born talent. Definitely, the mission that God entrusted to him in this life was to teach others knowledge and paths to wisdom.


You can’t imagine the number of people we are grateful for their teachings. Sorry, I can’t thank you or congratulate you personally, but I hope we can see each other soon. A hug Happy Teacher’s Day! ” 


“When education is provided, people are given the best sword and shield against ignorance, abuse, and deception.


You have a very noble vocation, dear teacher because you are in charge of forming the foundations of the future, the young people. He puts everything on his side to create a better world, and that makes him an admirable person. May he live a very happy Teacher’s Day today, dear Master, because he deserves it! ” 


“There are many Masters in the world, but you are special because you love what you do and demonstrate it in your way of teaching.


When someone works on what he likes he does well, that is why you are a great Teacher. I don’t think that with just words I can express the deep gratitude that I have for you, for all that he taught me.


I wish you much happiness and success in your life, and may you live a beautiful Teacher’s Day today ” 


“I hope today is a very happy day for you, Master. I have had many Masters in my life but none like you, so dedicated and passionate about your profession.


It is impossible for me and my classmates to forget their classes because he dictated them with much love. Congratulations on being an excellent Teacher ”

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You were and always will be the best Teacher I have ever had. His words and advice still echo in my mind and mark the path I must follow to be a better person.


Thank you for teaching me so well. On behalf of me and all of your students, we wish you a happy day, Teacher. ”


“You were a great teacher not only because we learned a lot from you but because in each class you also learned from us and perfected your teaching method in order to share more and more of your wisdom. I wish there were more teachers like you. Happy Teacher’s Day! ”

“Knowing him changed my life, my good Teacher. Thanks to you I got rid of ignorance in many aspects and even leaned towards the teaching profession.


Seeing him enjoy his classes so much I always wanted to know where the secret of his happiness was and becoming a Master I understood.


His joy is in sharing everything he knows, it does not take away from doing so, on the contrary, it gives him a pleasure to form better people. Thank you for everything. Happy Teacher’s Day! ”

We hope that with all these phrases you congratulate all of your Masters today.


Since childhood they have always taught us that we should be grateful to those who give us things, give us their time and do something good for us. This, of course, applies to the Masters because they give us knowledge and many times they even give us their friendship.


That is why on this special date, Teacher’s Day 2019, the perfect opportunity is presented to thank those special people who spent so much time in their lives teaching you so many things.


If you don’t know how to start with your thanks, don’t worry because we have the solution.


Take the following words of thanks that we have for you and send them to all your Masters. Rest assured that they will be to your liking.


“Over the years I have learned that the challenges are increasingly difficult but I also know that I can count on valuable people like you to face them, dear Master.


He has always struggled to support me and I really appreciate it. May God bless you so much and allow you to reach the hearts of many more students. Happy Teacher Day! ”

I have never forgotten a single one of his teachings, all of them have been very important and useful in my higher education.


If I have reached that high it has been thanks to you, that is why I will not tire of thanking you for everything you gave me. Thank you for showing me that you can reach the hearts of people with education. Happy Teacher Day! ”

“The school was like a second home for me, so you were like a second father to me, dear Teacher.


Even if you are no longer studying in your classrooms, you are still very important to me. His advice and experiences have helped me a lot in the long road of life.


People like you are worth gold, so I wish you the best today and always. Long live a happy Teacher’s Day! ”


“Teachers who accompanied me throughout my childhood and youth, wonderful human beings who struggled every day to teach me everything they knew, great people who did not hesitate to help their students when they needed them, I address them on behalf of all Your students a big greeting and a huge thank you for your excellent work. They were, are and always will be the best Happy Teachers Day 2019 Pakistan”

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“I feel super proud of having spent so many years of my life learning from your valuable teachings, dear Masters. I also feel very grateful to live for allowing me to meet them.


I hope that like me, many more enjoy the joy of studying with you. I congratulate you for being the best Masters in the world. Happy day! ”

“In the books, I found a lot of knowledge but thanks to you I assimilated it better. At school, I found many classmates but in you, I found real friends.


Thank you for all the teachers. They deserve more than a single day of homage. Happy Teachers Day! ”


“The school taught me many things, but the best of all is that a student’s best friend is a Teacher, not only because he teaches so many useful things, but because he provides confidence and security, advice and own experiences, and everything This makes it a treasure that we must always value.

Congratulations on your day, teacher. I will never forget you, much less on such an important day of the year like this. ”

Let’s not thank our Masters for all they have given us with so much love and dedication. We hope you liked these phrases and continue visiting our website.

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